"I find inspiration in simple places; texture and color in various forms, be it art, architecture or in nature. Teaching challenges me to work towards prefecting my communication, technical and artistic skills. Working with those at the beginning of their career allows me to see "hair" through their eyes; keeping it fresh and my passion alive."

Barbara Middleton

"I find inspiration in learning new techniques and applying them in various combinations with fun colors and trends. It is energizing for me to work with changing styles and fashion. I enjoy the juxtaposition that avante garde color can bring to a classic style keeping it fresh and cutting edge."

Melissa Ogden

"I find inspiration in others; they inspire me to be better tomorrow than I am today! I have a never ending thirst for knowledge and I pride myself on my education. The more I learn the more passionate I become about this industry! ."
Jaemee Scahill

"I find inspiration in todays fashion and creative trends. I am passionate about creating hairstyles that are fresh, funky, and youthful for men and women at any age. I am thankful to have a career in an industry that I love, as itís truly an amazing feeling to have my creative visions come to life! "
Payton Erion